Required for Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance requires the following items: 

Current utility bill showing street address and proper identification  (driver’s license or state picture id)

Proof of all types of income for everyone living at that address

Social Security numbers and birth dates for everyone in the household

Additional items needed based on type of assistance requested:


Electric, Water, Natural Gas

Disconnect notice or for Pre-paid Electric bring a printout showing current balance. During November through March all heating bills will be referred to Community Action’s LIHEAP Program.

Propane or Kerosene

Letter from propane provider stating minimum delivery amount and cost.


Rent receipt or lease showing rent has been paid at new address. Letter from the utility company showing amount needed to begin service including any old bills which must be paid.


Statement from pharmacy stating the cost of the prescription(s) and which pharmacy it is from. This should be one of the local pharmacies as Wal-Mart and Walgreens do not accept vouchers.

FOR RENT (This is the most difficult service for us to assist with. We would much rather assist with a utility bill thereby allowing the client to use their own funds towards rent.)

Letter from landlord stating amount paid and balance due. Letter should be signed, dated, and include the mailing address and phone number of the landlord. It should also state the landlord’s willingness to work with client on any balance still due.

On very rare occasions we may provide limited transient assistance of one night of lodging.